Your lesson is best viewed on a laptop or tablet. On mobile, rotate the screen.

Welcome to Your Lesson

What you will need.

  1. A device (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone) with an internet connection. The lesson is best viewed on a laptop, desktop or tablet.
  2. Pen and paper. If you purchase the interactive workbook for $1.79 (there is a link in the lesson) you don’t need a pen and paper. You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader to use the workbook. Acrobat Reader is free.
  3. Everything else is in the lesson.


There are four tools included in your lesson.


With this tool you can find the meaning and pronunciation of any word for which you are not certain.


With this tool you can practice speaking English. The tool will show you where to improve your pronunciation.


You will write some answers to questions in the lesson. Copy and paste your writing into the WRITING TOOL and it will assess how well you wrote your answers. The tool we provide is a free version of Grammarly. We recommend that you subscribe to the paid version. Here’s a link: Get Grammarly 

4. FILLABLE PDF WORKBOOK (OPTIONAL) This tool is optional. You can complete the lesson without it, but using the workbook makes the lesson more complete and organized. It costs only $1.79, the link to buy it  is in your lesson.

How to Use the Tools


Enter the word you want learn about. The meaning will appear.  Two playback icons will also appear. One icon speaks the word with a UK accent and the other with a North American accent.


Copy a sentence as instructed from the workbook and paste it into the left column of the tool. Put your cursor in the right column and activate voice input. Speak the same sentence.  Click the COMPARE button at the bottom and the tool will show you the difference between what it heard and what it expected to hear.

How to Use the Tools


Download and install the free version of Grammarly. Copy and paste the answers you have written into the tool. It will give you a score in the upper right hand side, and show you the mistakes you have made. As you fix your mistakes you will see your score improve. This tool works best on a laptop or desktop computer.


You have the option to purchase the workbook for each lesson. It costs only $1.79. You can CLICK HERE to get the workbook for this lesson.  You will see some parts of the workbook are slightly shaded. You can type text into these parts of the document, then copy and paste them into the tools.