Learn Business English

Learn English

with the the Harvard Business Review and Teacher Gary

with Harry Potter Books 

and Teacher Gary

Now you can learn English and Business English with high quality, interactive free lessons.  Your free lessons include a workbook and a flipbook.  You will learn and improve your listening, reading, speaking, understanding and writing skills.

English Lessons

The Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling are loved by children and adults.  They are very well written, so they are ideal for learning English.  Our lessons use text from the Harry Potter books to help those who are new to English as well as those wanting to practice or improve their English. Best of all, they are free.

Learn English with
Harry Potter and
Teacher Gary

Business English Lessons

The Harvard Business Review is widely recognized as the best source of business writing and knowledge. We base our lessons on the most popular and influential articles from the past few decades. You not only learn Business English, but also some of the most important business theory available from the most influential and respected writers. 

Learn Business English with Harvard Business Review and
Teacher Gary

Paid lessons and free lessons are the same, except free lessons contain ads.