English Test

About your test

There are 5 sections to the test.

  • Listening Skill
  • Reading Skill
  • Speaking Skill
  • Understanding Skill
  • Writing Skill 


Listening Skill

You will listen to a passage from a Harry Potter book. You may choose to listen to the passage spoken with a UK accent or with a North American accent. You may also choose to hear the passage read at regular speed or slowed down by 20%. After you have listened to the passage you will complete a multiple choice quiz to test your listening skills.

Reading Skill

You will read a passage from a Harry Potter Book. When you have finished reading you will complete a multiple choice quiz about the passage and will receive a grade upon completion.

Speaking Skill

You will be provided a set of sentences from a Harry Potter book.  You will open the Speaking Tool and paste the sentences one at a time into the Speaking Tool. When you have pasted the sentence into the left column you will activate voice input on your device and speak the sentence into your device.  The Speaking tool will highlight words that were not spoken in English that the tool understood.  You can identify problem areas.

Understanding Skill

You will provide written answers to questions about what you have heard and read so far in the test. These answers will be used in the next part of the test.  You will be able to see the correct answers at the end of the test and assess how well you answered to determine how well you understood what you heard and read.

Writing Skill

You will open the Writing Analysis Tool, then copy and past your answers from part 4 into the tool. It will assess your writing and show you a variety of mistake you made.  You can determine your writing skill based on the number of mistakes.