How it Works

The “Harry Potter English Lessons” are lessons are based on the Harry Potter books written by J.K. Rowling, while the “Business English Lessons” are based on articles from the Harvard Business Review. Both are excellent sources for engaging, well written English that makes learning English fun, entertaining and valuable. 

The lessons are presented in five sections; Listening, Reading, Speaking, Understanding and Writing.

Each lesson includes the web based lesson and a downloadable, interactive workbook. There are also links for tools you will use in the lesson. 

The lessons includes ads. When you click on an ad, we get paid a few cents. Please click on as many ads as possible as you complete the lesson.  It costs you nothing to click on an ad, but it allows us to give you lessons free of charge.

You can work through a lesson at your own speed. The tools allow you to see how well you are doing at speaking or writing without judgement or anxiety.